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The primary purpose of the White House Heritage Elementary PTO is to support the teachers, staff, students, and parents of our school and to develop united efforts to ensure every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. 

Below is our PTO board officers and contact information.


President – Jaclyn Bishop


First VP, Director of Fundraising – Hillary Rose


Second VP, Programs – Jessica Herron


Third VP, Volunteer Coordinator – Amanda Tuck


Fourth VP, Director of Student of the Month – Leslie DeHaven


Treasurer – Allen Harris

Secretary – Leslie Qualls


Monthly Basket Coordinator – Kira Rittman


Spirit Night Coordinator – Emmie Seals


Promotional Fundraising – Gayle Holcombe


Donation Coordinator – Tracy Herdman


Board Administrator – Jessica Tarpley


Teacher Appreciation – Mindy Boardwine 

Hospitality  - open position


Cheer Up Chair


Board Support – Lindsay Jolly

Board Support – Angel Wilcox 

Teacher Rep - Nikki Riley

Teacher Rep - Kayla Tejeda

If you are interested in more about our PTO organization or activities the PTO sponsors, please feel free to contact our President, Jaclyn Bishop, or the coordinator of the team you’d be interested in volunteering on!