National Beta Week

National BETA Week
Posted on 03/09/2018

It is National BETA Week. Our BETA's are amazing! They go the extra mile to demonstrate great character and be role models to their peers. This week we asked our BETA's to write a paragraph about how BETA has transformed them:


My experience as a BETA has truly helped shape me into the person I am today. They teach you that as BETAs we all have the responsibility to step up and be a leader. It is our job to take this responsibility seriously. Through service projects, volunteer activities, and just helping out around the community, BETAs are expected to exceed beyond all standards and spread positive influence wherever we go. When I first joined BETA, I wasn’t sure of what to expect, and I was certainly surprised! I never thought BETA would make me such a changed person. I have not even been a member of BETA for a full year and I have already learned so much. BETA provides many fun activities and all the while, you are helping someone out. BETA has taught me so many things that I will always remember. Thank you BETA for transforming me into the best person that I can be.

-Erika Buckett


Through Beta, I’ve learned that no matter how young or old I am, I can always make good choices. Beta has shown me that it is always important to choose kindness, to be a hard worker, and to push myself to try new things. At Beta convention, my Beta club and I had to be confidence when competing against many other schools with older kids. I chose to stay focused under pressure, and to finish what I’ve started. Beta has taught me to make good choices no matter what is going on.


-Leah Farmer
Leah Farmer


BETA has influenced me in many ways. Being in Beta has inspired me to work harder, aspire for leadership, and reach my true goal: to rise to greatness and to use that to help others. Beta is a great group that helped me to find the eager and competitive drive that will lead me to success. I understood them better because they were my peers. For me, my peers explained and helped me better because they understand it and they are going through this process too. The Beta club has influenced me by pushing me beyond my limits as a student and as a person. That is why Beta is known nationally, even internationally, for how it helps many students. Lastly, being a Beta member helps to motivate me to become a productive individual not only to my family, but also to the world in the near future.


-Alex Fentress
Alex Fentress


Even though Beta has made a big impact on my life, I have not actually been in it for that long. Being a Beta has helped me understand the meaning of teamwork and kindness. When I was just learning that I was going to be a Beta, I was elated! I was very excited to be given the honor of being with people like myself and to learn and grow with them. Being in Beta has really pushed me harder to meet my goals as a 6th grader and as a member. One reason why I think I got picked for Beta was because I strive everyday to be kind and humble. As a growing kid, this is very important to learn as we mature into adults. Right now, many can agree that school is very stressful, but seeing kindness can make you want to be kind too. Actually, being kind gives you joy and the person you are kind to is also affected by that and it makes their day better. Being in Beta doesn’t just mean that you’re smart. It also means that you have a heart and use it wisely. Being in Beta means a lot to me and it has helped me grow and be good in everything I do and to cherish every moment.


-Savannah Mallory
Savannah Mallory

Beta has transformed my life. It has taught me how to look at life differently. It has taught me to be grateful. It has taught me not to waste my life. Some people hate school, but we are really lucky to have a school available to go to and such great teachers and staff to teach us. Beta has also taught me how to step up as a leader. I’ve learned that you can’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do. You have to step up and take action. Beta is lots of fun and can transform you into a different person. I hope to keep learning and being transformed by Beta!


-Calla Baker
Calla Baker

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