Class Information
Dear Parents,

I am very happy to have your child in my class this year. Hopefully, our class website will help inform your family about the guidelines that your child need so that this year will be as productive as possible. Here are some of my policies and expectations:



Lunch: Free to all students!

You may check on your child's lunch account at

Back Packs: Please send backpacks every day to safeguard against important notes, papers, assignments, or money getting lost. 

Class Expectations:

 1. Be kind and respectful.
 2.  Be prepared for class with paper, pencil, and work.
 3.  Participate in class.
 4.  Only water to drink in class - no gum.


*Positive Dojo Point
*Positive note sent home
*Participate in behavior party (every 4.5 weeks)


Negative Dojo Points, Note sent to parents,

Severe Behavior will be sent directly to principal. 

Home/School Connection:

Your child will have a take home folder that will come home each day. Please go over any unfinished work and daily notes. Return the folder to school the following day. Please send any money to school in an envelope with your child's name, teacher's name, and the way the money is intended to be used. Behavior notes will be posted  in his/her assignment book and all daily assignments will be listed in your student's assignment book. I do ask that you sign the assignment book daily. Your signature lets me know that you are aware of your child's daily progress. 

Class Dojo will also be used as a communication tool. Messages will be texted to parents through the use of this app. Assignment book is second mode of communication between parent and teacher. 


If your child is going home with another child or leaving school in a different way than usual, (The usual way home is listed on the student information card that you filled out during registration) I must have a handwritten note. School policy states without a note, a student must go home as he/she does on a regular basis. If I do not receive a note, I will send your child home the usual way for him/her.


Homework is any unfinished daily work. All unfinished work should be brought back to school the following day. Forming good study habits at this age are very important. If your child finds time where they want extra learning activities, they could read a book, study vocabulary words, write for pleasure, practice math facts, practice their cursive handwriting, or play computer games that cover the skills they have been learning at school. Bottom line is that Effort is required daily! It is amazing how much their reading and writing will improve if they read every night at home. 

Your child will receive Class Dojo points, that they may use during Fun Fridays, if they return completed homework on time and get their assignment books signed daily. Any missed homework will be worked on during Fun Friday time. 

Missed Days/Work:

If your child is absent, please send a note upon their return. According to school policy, your child will have the number of days missed plus one day to make up the work. (For example, if your child misses three days, he/she will have four days to make-up the work.) I will not send home work that has been taught in class. 


 Our weekly newsletter will be ready for review on Monday's. You may review it on our class web page or on  Class Dojo. I can also forward them directly to your email address, upon request.  


All medications need to be checked into the office by an adult. If your child needs to keep medicine here at school, the school nurse or office will need to be contacted. Please do not send any medications to school with your child. 


No toys, video games, or cell phones are allowed at school on a regular basis. I will send an email or note home when toys or games will be allowed in the classroom.  

*Any toys that are a distraction to our learning will be picked up and set aside for a parent/guardian to pick up at their convenience after school.